If you are employed by Nottingham City Council OR Notts. County Council as a Teacher or Corporate staff, you will be invited to attend an In-House Course and you should contact the Learning & Development Officer at Loxley House or Strategic Training at County Hall Full details below. You can also apply via the intranet.

Notts. County Council (staff)

Contact Linda Gibson or apply on intranet.

We will not be involved with any future courses after April 2009 for Notts. County Council as one company will be providing shared services with Leicestershire and Derbyshire. However, if an individual wishes to attend an Open Course at Beeston Town Hall, please complete an on-line booking form or contact us for future information.

Notts. County Council (Education)

Contact Emma McGeown, Personnel Assistant, Policy Development, Resources HR – Children and Young People’s Services (0115 977 4751) OR Theona Yates or Louise Wilson in Education Personnel, County Hall (Tel: 9773596)
Future dates to be confirmed under a new contract. Shared services with Leicestershire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire County Councils.

Nottingham City CouncilĀ (Corporate Staff)

Two Day Pre-Retirement courses

Venue at New Mechanics, 3 North Sherwood St (Contact Learning & Development for further details).
Future dates to be organised by a finance institution. However, anyone who wishes to attend as an external delegate, are most welcome to attend one of our Open courses at Beeston Town Hall. A booking form will need to be completed. Courses held each month.

Nottingham City CouncilĀ (Education)

(Contact Linda Ledbetter or Robert Clapham or Jo Gregg or e mail linda.ledbetter@collegest.org.uk OR robert.clapham@lea.nottinghamcity.gov.uk )

NDPRC Nottingham City or Notts. County Council retirement


Nottingham City Transport Ltd has been sending employees to the Council's Pre-Retirement Course for a number of years as part of its policy of helping them to make what can be a profound change from the world of work to retirement. Feedback from what is by now a large number of delegates has been without exception excellent. They all speak highly of the comprehensive range of the programme, which covers both financial and lifestyle issues and of the expertise and approachability of the Course Directors and facilitators/presenters. The course has become an essential part of the company's offer to employees. Nottingham City Transport Limited