The Mid Life MOT could bring a “commercial benefit” to businesses, Pension Minister Guy Opperman has stated.

Speaking at the annual conference, Opperman said, “The evidence will show absolutely conclusively that if you wish to retain your people, the 20 year people who have absolute muscle memory of your business, if you wish to have a real understanding of how you are going to have the people who are 40, 50, 60 continuing to work in your business and making sure that they continue to push your business forward, then a Mid Life MOT is something that helps them do that”.

Our Mid-Life Seminars can be held on site or if enough interest is shown, we can organise a seminar, locally, at a suitable venue when people from many companies and organisations can get together and discuss various subjects in Mid Life.  Our Mid Life seminars point the way with information on:-

Providing for the Future

Improving Pension

College/University Fees

Wills and passing money to children

The Seminar will give you the opportunity to:

Provide for the future

Help engender a more positive attitude to life after employment

Provide relevant information, or means to discover it

Help identify the skills and resources that will be required for the third age