A former Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Cllr. John Hartshorne, attended a Pre-Retirement Course at the Council House, organised by the Nottingham and District Pre-Retirement Council.

He said: “The course was very informative and covered a wide range of subjects, including Finance, Health, Income Tax, Pensions/Benefits and included pointers on how to get the best out of retirement for your own individual circumstances. I would recommend anybody who is within retirement age to seriously consider going on the course.”
The Course was held at the Council House and he joined city council employees who were there to pick up tips and advice. He was amazed at the amount of information appertaining to retirement and certainly wouldn’t have wished to have missed out on attending.

The current Lord Mayor of Nottingham attended our AGM and had the following to say….

“I have read with interest the amount of work the Nottingham and District Pre-Retirement Council do for the citizens of Nottingham. I would like to pay tribute to the Course Directors, Speakers and Committee for the sterling work they have done during the year. Without their input, the courses would not go ahead. Many people coming up to retirement are not aware of the impact from chaning their life-style and it would appear that the Nottingham & District Pre-Retirement Council are doing all they can to promote their organisation, thereby speading the word to the people of Nottingham. I, too, will do all I can to let people know of the service you provide and wish you a successful year.”