The number of people aged 70 and over getting divorced is at a record high, with experts saying it’s likely because couples are waiting for children to leave home.  Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that some 3,047 people aged 70 plus were granted divorces in England and Wales in 2016 – more than 8 a day.  The majority of those divorces were granted to men – on 2,037 occasions – while women made up the remaining 1,010.

Records go back as far as 2005. That year, some 1,993 couples aged 70 and over were given divorces.

By 2008, the figure had crept past the 2,000 mark with some 2,038 divorces having taken place, and the figure has generally risen each year since.  While the figures relate to new divorces granted in the year, overall there were some 664,615 people aged 70 and above registered as being divorced in 2016.

The attitude towards divorce has shifted over the years.  Before 1945, it was a taboo subject, but changing attitudes and a more liberal approach means more people are able to permanently separate without the social stigma there once was.

This is the reason why NDPRC are inviting husbands/wives/partners to attend the Pre-Retirement Course together, as retirement affects both parties.


Planning for Retirement is an excellent course that we offer to our employees. The NDPRC have provided this course for us for many years and we have always been very pleased with the quality of the course and helpfulness of the course administrators. Local public sector Employer